Flooring Variety

Flooring seems to grow in variety by the day. Engineered hardwoord, vinyl plank, laminate, solid hardwood, carpet, linoleum and on and on the list goes. You can save money installing your own flooring but they come with differing degrees of difficulty as well as necessary tools.

But before you go too far, its best to have an idea of the specific area in which the flooring is to be installed to make sure it is best suited to that environment. Temperature, water exposure and traffic play a major roll when choosing flooring.

Adding Flooring

Adding Hardwood, Engineered hardwood, LVP ( Luxury vinyl plank), or laminate can dramatically change your homes interior.

Fixing Floor Problems

Before you can decorate your floor, you’ve got to make sure the floor is solid. Floor sagging is a floor problem that can be fixed!