About Housebarons

…a burned out shell…

Hi ! We are Rich and Dave – brothers! We started working together more than a decade ago with the idea to flip a house. Well it was kind of a house. Really, it was a burned out shell of house. But we were eager for a project and we finally found one.

Burned out house
What a 1st project!

We were just a bit naive and more than willing to get our hands dirty. This first project became the driving force behind our business and Youtube channel HOUSEBARONS. The rebuild of this house took quite a long time. We did the lions share of the work ourselves which saved us a ton of money but it took nearly forever. Yup, most projects can gobble up lots of time. Ours did at least. Nonetheless, it was a learning experience like none other. Yes, have we learned more than we ever expected! Some of what to do and some of what not to do. But that’s life.

Projects take time! Lots of time!

phoenix rising

What you will find on these pages and on our youtube channel are hundreds of the lessons we learned along the way. We have documented entire house renovations as well as hours upon hours of individual “how to” projects we’ve worked on. If they can help you in any way, great! Let us know. We love to hear about confidence building success stories!

Sweat Equity Success

house fire restoration
finally rebuilt

When we first entered the arena of “house flipping”, we had no guarantee that the endeavor would prove successful. What we did have was a plan : using crazy amounts of sweat equity to stack the odds in our favor. It worked – kinda. We didn’t flip that first house like we planned. Instead we kept it …as a rental. We grew kind of attached to it and found out along the way that a rental is the gift that keeps on giving. More about that later. So our journey has been about the process more than the destination. We hope you find the information helpful and enjoy the videos!

Our first project….

By the way – below is our 1st video of our 1st project. Kind a makes you want to get your hands dirty… right?